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"Highwire Act"

My work for this show is a collection of photography using buildings, especially abandoned and broken down structures as a metaphor for healing the self. Images explore the idea of physical repair work both inside and out, dismantling delusion while taking the treatment and recovery steps toward healing. More people than we realize are touched by substance abuse or are in recovery. There is grueling work but also beauty on the path.


Women have unique abilities and insights that allow them to explore their world intuitively, often with freshness and a multifaceted approach to problem-solving. These paintings depict abstract personal narratives which explore the spaces and options that women create to meet their needs and the needs of those under their care whether it be at home, work, or in the community at large. The resultant outcome is the surfacing of their authentic voices.

"The Seasons of Her Life"

My life is richer for fully embracing all of the seasons, including the bitter cold. My greatest personal growth has often come about during or after significant loss. Shedding my leaves is less painful when viewed through a wider lens, allowing me to embrace humility and prepare for the next productive season. These lessons are always about letting go—of health, relationships, concepts, religion, other people’s opinions, and even my own child.

Seasons are paradoxically proof of transience and stability. I find balance and harmony in nature, but also perfection.

I occasionally employ text in my work as a tension between the complexity of language and the simplicity of nature. I have often said to close friends that "words matter."

Nature stills and centers me. She is a respite and walks through life alongside me. She not only survives; she thrives. She is strong and beautiful, but not arrogant. She is satisfied with the present moment, is authentic, and wears sensible shoes.

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