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Barbara grew up in West Texas and was interested in art and photography at an early age. Her father was a high speed photographer for the Department of Defense and she began to mirror his passion in high school. She won art awards in school, but never considered the art path as a possibility.  A CPA by background, most of her early career is in healthcare finance.   When her son relapsed with cancer in 2000, she quit work to care for him. She also took a painting class, and reconnected with a first love.

After leaving healthcare, Barbara enrolled in several years of painting, drawing, and monoprint classes at Bakersfield College and California State University, Bakersfield as well as workshops around the state.

Barbara is intense, curious, and detailed.  She finds beauty in ordinary things and enjoys making art accessible to others. In 2010, she began working primarily in collaborative shows that joined forces with non-profits to exhibit work drawing attention to social issues; this included fundraising.  In many ways, this has allowed Barbara to integrate skills and passions from her first career into her current one.  Her choice of medium depends upon the goal of the project and alternates between or mixes digital, acrylic and mixed media—whatever best delivers the message.

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